Copyright advisory - Real Estate

Images created remain the Intellectual Property of the Photographer. Your purchase of a photo package grants you a non-exclusive license-for-use in marketing a property for sale or for rent, unless otherwise agreed upon. The license gives you permission to use those photos only for the term of your listing/rental management agreement with the owner of the property, or until the property sells, whichever comes first. Marketing of this property includes Internet marketing, real estate magazines, newspaper ads, brochures and any other means you will be using to market the sale or rental of this property. Use of these photos also includes promoting your marketing style to prospective clients.

Transfer of these photos to a third party (the owner or buyer of this property or another party) by you is not permitted. If the owner, buyer or another party is interested in obtaining a copy of these photos please refer them to me. I will be happy to make arrangements to provide them with copies of the photos.