Meet the gal behind the lens...

This is me (the gal in the middle, glad to have her feet back on the ground). I was literally at the edge of my comfort zone! In 2012 I faced my fear of helicopters to fulfill an aerial photography assignment. The experience helped me to push past my own imagined limitations and expand my definition of what's possible. In a way, that helicopter ride was a catalyst for my continuing journey to extend the boundaries of my own comfort zone and reveal more about myself. In turn, this has made me keenly attuned to my mission of empowering people using my creative portrait photography sessions to reveal facets of their brilliance. Being in front of the lens is a great opportunity for self-expression which often leads to deeper self-discovery.

maui helicopter ride
Take a peek at the gallery below to see some of the stuff I've been up to in the last few years...
Maui portrait photographer
maui portrait photographer enjoying one of the best places on earth...lanikai beach
Maui kid tween teen senior portrait photographer
Japanese dance at Kaanapali Beach Hotel Maui
maui portrait photographer having fun in snow
maui portrait photographer feeding the deer in Nara Japan
maui portrait photographer enjoying her dutch roots and playing tourist at Zaanse Schans
Skating in Kihei Maui
maui portrait photographer getting cold feet
maui portrait photographer with fellow Maui Minyo Kai club members after a recital
maui portrait photographer at Kahului Jodo Bon dance
maui photographer seeing quadruple
Skating in Kihei Maui
maui portrait photographer acting out a scene with a "samurai"
the joy of inner tubing