Maui Kids, Tweens, and Teens

I believe kids should feel seen and heard...that way they can truly express themselves!

Every kid is unique...and goofy, brilliant, zany, handsome, silly, lovely, frustrating, endearing, beautiful! These sessions are meant to be collaborative and are designed to meet them at their age and highlight their personality so that their multifaceted brilliance can emerge.

tween portrait with bubble gum in upcountry maui

Portrait Gallery of Kids, Tweens, and Teens

teen pictures in olinda forest maui
tween portrait with flower pukalani maui
glow paint blacklight photography maui
tween portrait valentine's day pukalani maui
teen girl photo session in studio
teen portrait lilikoi flower in kula
teen boy portrait session with dog on stairs in makawao
kid portrait session brothers on chair in pukalani
kid portrait session at kanaha beach maui
sibling portrait session with flowers in kula maui
glow face paint photography maui
teen portrait session with covid mask in pukalani maui
kid sibling portrait session with goofy faces in pukalani maui
Upcountry Maui tween portrait session with Jacarandas
teen sibling portrait session with bubble fun in kula maui