"You'll find your happiness lies, right under your eyes,
Back In Your Own Backyard."

—Al Jolson/Billy Rose/Dave Dreyer. “Back in Your Own Backyard.” 1928.

I’m constantly scouting out ideal locations for photo sessions in Pukalani, Makawao, or Kula, but sometimes the best spot is actually much closer to home. In my experience some of the greatest portrait sessions can be had in your own lovely backyard.

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happy family photos maui

Top three reasons to have a Maui family photo session in your own backyard:

  1. Everyone is free to be themselves! At home it’s easier to relax and just be together comfortably (no onlookers or gawkers unless the neighbor peeks over the fence 😆).
  2. If you have pets, they will also be more relaxed and focused, making it that much easier to keep them engaged during the portrait session.
  3. Home is where so many of your most precious memories are made! Why not document that in photos?

When you’re contacting me to schedule your portrait session, be sure to mention if you’d like to use your backyard as a location…it might just be the perfect place!

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maui family photos
family photos maui
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family photo with dog
maui family photo with cat
maui family photos with pets
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